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Wiccan Tattoos

If you are looking to get a tattoo that is magical and mystical in nature,then you need to look beyond the wiccan tattoos. Reactions wiccan tattoos result in people can sometimes be very controversial,but the truth is that it really depends on the mentality of the person you are viewing. A person who is interested in the mystical forms of “wicca”without a doubt is that wiccan tattoo designs are attractive and symbolic.

To fully understand the meaning and symbolism behind the symbols of the wiccan tattoo,should deepen within wicca. Wicca is a Neopagan religion that does not contain rules,guidelines or limits,and its base is firstly the worship of nature by means of magic. It’s a very mysterious sect as the people involved in it are forced to keep secret. Many people often relate to wicca,(and therefore the wiccan tattoos also),the practice of witchcraft,but reality it is not known as they are the members swore to keep the secret and almost nothing is known about its various practices.

The mysterious attraction that leads wicca has convinced many people to go ahead and actually become wiccan tattoos,without really understanding what the beliefs are,and what practices should be carried out. Given that tattoos have become so popular now,which leads to a large base of tattoo designs are commonly seen,more and more people are looking for ideas of mysterious design and new tattoo. This is the wiccan tattoo ideas exactly why are becoming a popular option that greatly increase the ratio of the charm and mystery of an individual. It is also possible that you want to learn more about paganism.

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The elements of Wicca
Understanding wicca is a difficult task,but after reading the few elements known belief system,you can start to receive a small view of their true meaning. Finds the idea behind the tattoos wiccan can be understood by knowing about these elements in wicca.
The first and most important statement that the practice of Wicca requires that the people who are “Do whatever you want,provided that it harms no one”.
There is a God and a goddess of deify according to this practice,but many people believe that only the goddess is the object of worship.
Similar to the law of Karma,wicca is “the law of return Threffold.”Accordingly,all the energy that was in the world (whether good or bad),will return to you three times stronger. Also read about some popular wiccan names.
The designs of tattoos Wicca
The design of the tattoo that is relevant to Wicca can be designed in many different ways of presenting the belief system of the individual. The design is chosen and which illustrates the private thoughts depends on the person. As mentioned previously,the goddess is supposed that it is the Supreme being in the belief system,and many wiccan tattoos are made as a tribute to the goddess. These designs can be made to represent mother earth as goddess Gaia,the giver of life,the transport or the support to the men to God. This design shows its superiority. The goddess can also be represented as the Moon,thus stands in stark contrast to the man of God,the Sun. This illustrates the ancient Chinese custom of Yin and Yang,the two opposing forces of duality. The concept of the Triple Goddess (as seen in the Celtic tattoos wiccan),also can be interpreted by showing the three stages of the life of the goddess –the maiden,the mother and the old woman. These deities are very popular among many religions of the world.

Different sects of the wicca give different degrees of importance to the man of God. While some sects believe that he is the Supreme being,others see it as a mere companion of the goddess,while others give no importance. He may be portrayed as the Sun,to the goddess Luna. Alternatively,generally believed that he is a man with horns,with RAM’s head,and the helmets of the feet. In some cases,it also has wings. Without a doubt,this similarity with the devil and Satan,of religions such as Christianity,led to some people connected with Satanism,Wicca,or a bad thing. In fact,the wiccan tattoos show nothing more than a strong desire to worship of nature as an independent entity,which is above all living beings.

Even the Pentagram is seen as a very popular tattoos of Wicca option,as the five points represent the four elements:Earth,water,fire and air,and the fifth point is the element of spirit. Most designs of five-pointed star and the tattoos are in the form of a star of five faces,inside a circle.

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At the end of the day,if you are a follower of Wicca or not,tattoos Wicca is an option very nice for tattoo designs,because there are some great options you can choose. But,before you go ahead and do a tattoo as well,make sure that you are fully aware of what it means to design in particular. It is inevitable that late or early someone asked on the subject.

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