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Lower Stomach Temporary Tattoos

Several Mummies and other archaeological surveys prove that the temporary tattoo is an art form that originated in ancient times. It regained its popularity in the 20 century,and today,people belonging to different strata of society,castes and creeds are found sporting tattoos. Art of tattooing is more popular among young adults,however,a person of any age can have a tattoo done on his body. Secondly tattoos are also popular among men and women. One of the other advantages of tattoos is that they may be placed anywhere in the body. Among the different options,lower stomach tattoos are gaining popularity nowadays. Let’s take a look at details.

Smaller Stomach Tattoo Designs
One of the advantages of having a tattoo is in the stomach that gets a larger surface area and therefore can make any tattoo that you want to. Secondly,you can show or hide this tattoo in accordance with our wish and therefore it is appropriate to the wearer. Although there is a huge choice of models to choose from for a tattoo,here are some of the most popular and beautiful tattoos bottom of stomach for men and women.

Bottom of the stomach tattoos for men

Dragon tattoos
The Dragon is one of the most inspirational figures found in various mythologies and folklore of the world. In certain cultures the Dragon means might,power and strength,while in others it is believed to be evil. In some cultures,it is believed to be the protector and while in others it is associated with negative qualities. These contradicting symbolism makes more captivating and mysterious and,therefore,a perfect choice as tattoos for men. Read more about dragon tattoo meaning.

Anchor tattoos
In previous times,the tattoos were anchor sported mostly by sailors as anchor is closely associated with naval or maritime careers.However,today they are also favored by others for its deep meanings. An anchor symbolizes stability and strong base.

Bottom of the stomach tattoos for women

Flower tattoos
The flowers are frequently associated with beauty and grace and,therefore,favoured by most women. In addition,each flower has a single meaning associated with it,for example,rosa represents love and passion;Daisy and Lily for innocence;marigold represents riches;Orchid represents beauty,etc As there are about thousands of flowers known,has a plethora of options to choose from. Read more about tattoos of flowers.

Butterfly tattoos
Tattoos of butterflies occupy the second place among the favorite projects worldwide tattoos for women. One may not be aware,but the butterfly represents modest deep symbolism and meaning. As the butterfly metamorphoses of a larva of a butterfly,which advocates for transformation and change in life. Secondly,in some cultures,but also means the reincarnation or rebirth. Read more about the meaning Butterfly tattoos.

In addition to these,vine tattoos,Star tattoos,tattoos or Zodiac tattoos with words or names are the other projects that can be used as bottom of stomach tattoos for girls,as well as boys. However,there is one thing that a person needs to remember when making a stomach tattoo. One needs to keep its weight as weight gain can cause the necklace temporary tattoo to shear. Therefore,if you’re on the heavier side or are planning to start a family,it is best to avoid the temporary tattoo on her lower stomach. Finally,it is advisable to get a tattoo done by a tattooist certificate. So go ahead and their sport tattoos bottom of stomach with style. Good luck!

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