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‘Disney Temporary Tattoo Guy’Read His Amazing Story of New Love!

YiMei Colorful butterfly temporary tattoos

He was a miserable postal official who became known for the 2200 Disney images etched on his body which gave him the tag ‘Disney Tattoo Guy “. But now he is auctioning its 5,000-piece Walt Disney collection having these Disney images removed from his body,so he can be with Disney princess destined for him. For George Reiger aka “Disney Tattoo Guy”,the old him is dead.Living in a 6,000-square-foot House Mickey Mouse theme with custom designed doors,roof,knobs and fixtures,in Bethlehem,Pennsylvania,owns a Reiger of the largest collections in the country. His collection but will soon be sold on the auction block at the William h. Bunch Gallery in Chadds Ford on Monday. Further proving the extent of their collection was photographing and tagging of items that took three days.Having decided to move to Miami to be with her new love and start a new life,Reiger let go of all of her Disney props and paraphernalia which includes Mickey Mouse light fixtures and a 15-foot Nautilus submarine,among the thousands that he owns. He has made hundreds of trips to what is known as the happiest place on Earth and has been crazy about Disney for 40 years. In fact,because of his tattoos,in the many times he’s been there,he generated more attention to himself than Snow White ever made.Despite the attention he got from print and broadcast media,revealed he had not been Reiger satisfied at all. He revealed that he had six wives,but he lost all of them because Disney was his highest priority. Another surprising revelation from him was that he had been so lonely and it made him crave for attention C and thus he got these tattoos.And finally,Lady Love has arrived. Last September,while sitting in a large hall at a Disney Convention in California,he never saw it coming love would turn him around science and technology. Describe the 48-year-old woman who is “animated”and called her Esmeralda (although her name is Kathleen),Reiger refused to disclose more information about her.He added that this woman made him feel like a kid not long after boarding a Disney Cruise ships at Cape Canaveral in Florida. And the rest is history.In January,is planning to move to Miami Reiger which his lady loves life and start a new life with her. Although she does not mind his tattoos,took it upon himself to Reiger have them removed. He said he wants to use the short sleeves and short pants without having to gather attention. Disney tattoo kids temporary Guy had his first Disney tattoo when he was 19 after he was so moved by a scene from Fantasia. Then his passion for anything Disney took off from there. Now,his body covered with tattoo pictures that can replicate The Little Mermaid,Monstro the whale from Pinocchio,Tinkerbell and the Rocketeer,and so on.However,all of these images will be inked on his skin become soon joined forces with his collection,which has been estimated to sell between 50,000 and 100,000 US dollars.

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